disable USB automount in Ubuntu

Since there is a bug in Ubuntu which let iPhone with iOS7 can not be mounted, I decided to disable it. Here is the steps:

  1. Install dconf-tools.
  2. Launch dconf Editor and navigate to org -> gnome -> desktop -> media-handling
  3. Uncheck “automount” and “automount-open”

Got a T420

Since the T410 is used for nearly four years and there is a chance to get a newer machine, I got a second hand T420 yesterday. It is pretty much like T410. So I decided to switch the HD, the Ubuntu 12.04 is working fine with it.

The only thing I need to do is change the device MAC address to fit the current machine.

Take a screen shot under Firefox

It’s very easy when Firefox provides Developer Toolbar. I’m using Firefox esr 24.3.0.

Launch it. Firefox > Web Developer > Developer Toolbar
Input this command to take a full-page screen shot then copy to clipboard:

>>screenshot --clipboard --fullpage

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